Aug 18,  2015


Dear Prospective Sponsor:


  Interested in becoming a Sponsor? We need you!!

Austin Artist Series brings outstanding international entertainment to Austin each year.  No need to travel to Rochester or the Twin Cities.  We have season ticket-holders from Austin and surrounding communities – including Adams, Blooming Prairie, Grand Meadow, Owatonna, Rochester and Rose Creek.  We encourage our members to support  our patrons in every way they can.

We hope tht you will join with us and contribute to our mission of keeping the arts accessible locally. To thank you, we will provide you with up to 7 complimentary season memberships for use by anyone in your family or business, for any concert, based on the sponsorhip level you choose.



Encore – $1,000 contribution – 7 adult or 4 family memberships

Benefactor – $500 contribution – 6 adult or 3 family memberships

Patron – $250 contribution – 4 adult or 2 family memberships

Donor – $150 contribution – 3 adult or 1 family membership

Contributor – $100 contribution – 2 adult memberships

Friend – $60 contribution – 1 adult membership


The portion of your donation that exceeds the fair market value of your tickets is tax-deductible.  Austin Artist Series – 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization; Federal ID number 237296281.



Thank you for your generosity whether you are a long-time supporter of Austin Artist Series or joining us for the first time.



Nancy Dolphin              Joanne Sorenson              Kathy Kester               Stacy Mason

President                       Sponsorship Chair          Director                      Director